My blog is quite dead ATM, I somehow can not or don’t want to find time to blog. But I twitter from time to time, thats much faster than a whole blog entry. 🙂 But I tried this year to have a small Halloween party and gave some Halloween recipes a try:

At first I carved my first pumpkin and used the pumpkin for a Chili con Kürbis (Chili con pumpkin).

2009-10-31 11.05.01

2009-10-31 11.10.28

2009-10-31 11.42.39

After I carved them, they looked like this. 🙂

2009-10-31 14.06.23

I also tried around with some jello, but somehow the Haribo worms melted, so I had to took the rest out.

2009-10-30 15.05.07

After that I served some pus hands with blood:


And as a drink I had bug eyes punch:

2009-10-31 19.15.45

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