Netvault 8 & Ubuntu 10.04 64bit

Today I had to add a new server to our backup. It was the first 64bit installation of Ubuntu (10.04 LTS), because all the other virtual machines were still running 32bit. (Why? I cannot remember.) The backup system is a Netvault from BakBone, running on a Ubuntu 08.04 LTS 32bit.

Two things I discovered today, that might be important for some of you:

  • Even though you normally don’t do that, I had the installation script in a path that contained a space. The install script is sadly badly enough written that it didn’t work with that. But that is easily corrected.
  • The second problem is that without deeper knowledge on that topic it seems as if the 64bit client package from Netvault contains 32bit binaries. So the installation fails because some 32bit libraries are missing. Running getlibs revealed that the following packages need to be installed prior to installing netvault, because the install scripts already calls them: ia32-libs lib32bz2-1.0 lib32nss-mdns lib32z1 lib32ncurses5 lib32asound2
    I’m not sure if they are all needed, but it works now without any problems.
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