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Hi, I’m Jakob. At the moment I’m writing done writing my diploma thesis in computer science at the Universität Bremen and am living with my girlfriend Karin in Bremen. Actually I’m from Nordrhein-Westfalen, Hennef, which is a few hundred kilometers south of Bremen. During my time at the university I worked (and still work) at a graduate school as a system administrator. The BIGSSS (Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences) is a growing graduate school with around 50% international fellows at the Universität Bremen. We are responsible for around 200 users at the BIGSSS and the associated departments, but I’m more responsible for our nice linux servers, since I’m quite interested in linux and open source.

I invest a lot of my free time into computers, there is always some new shiny software or gadget to try out. Even though I invest less time in them now, I still like to find new use in our flat for my homeserver or try to do something new and useful with my vdr. I started playing badminton again and there was a time where I really liked to swim, but I can’t get myself to it after I moved to Bremen. But instead of swimming I finally try to learn to dance with Karin. I missed the opportunity while I was a teen and I needed to correct that. 🙂 I’m not quite sure how to categorize the music I like, but I bet you could make your own mind browsing my last.fm profile.

Another hobby I share with Karin are tv shows, at least some shows. We both like to watch them in English, even though we are no native speakers. I started 1999 with Futurama and Friends in English and am hooked since. I like to watch comedy (Friends, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Scrubs), SciFi  (Star Trek, Stargate), action (24, Prison Break), or even drama (ER, House). And a lot of other shows. DVDs got so cheap the last couple of years and it’s really nice to have a whole season at your disposal. 🙂

Enough about me, I hope you like my blog, please comment :),

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