My first look at Google Events

I just created an event on Google+, since I invited some people over and I wanted to try test it. First I find it visually really cool, the animated images already there look very nice and you can of course upload your own.

Google wanted to structure „Events“ in three phases. Firstly before the event in the planing stage: Date, place (with integration into calendar and maps of course), RSVP (you can invite people without Google accounts as well) and I guess discussion. It is nothing you couldn’t do via mail, but getting directions with one click and having everybody included into the discussion (nobody forgetting to answer to all recipients) is a nice bonus. All in all, the first part is of course a necessity, but done good.

The second stage is during the event. You can activate „Party mode“ on your smartphone and all your images you shoot during that time are automatically added to the event. I don’t really see the big use in this, I could just upload my photos later. Since everyone who could see the images is at the event, there is no need to look at photos in real time in my opinion… Seems useless to me, but maybe I’m missing something here.

What I liked was the third phase: Afterwards everyone can upload all of his photos to the event and all participants (and only participants in the default setting) can see them together chronologically. Thats a sooo simple but nice thing. Normally if you get photos from friends after an event, they are usually numbered differently to yours, so you would need to (hopefully automatically) rename them into some date-time thing to mix them with yours or just leave them in the separate folder. In Events you can seen them all, but you can also filter by author if you want to see only photos a specific friend made. This is something I look forward to. I just hope there will be a download feature as well, because even though I like to have a few pictures online, I always want to have a copy on my hard drive.

I still have to find out how it works for people without a Google account, but I guess they get an RSVP mail with the details and a link to RSVP. But I think thats a good enough solution.

During the streaming of the Google IO keynote yesterday I thought this is an unnecessary and dumb feature. And maybe it is unnecessary (especially for people like me, where a lot of friends don’t have Google+ accounts or don’t use them), but it is surely not done dumb. Instead Google put some thought into what might be useful and did it in an visually nice way as well. Looking forward to using it for a few occasions. (Videos and more on Googles official Events page)

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