tsclient no more in Ubuntu Oneiric 11.10

If you have to connect to Windows machines from time to time and have been an Ubuntu user like me, you most probably have been using tsclient to connect to it. But what I missed during the upgrade a couple of weeks ago was the fact that the previous Ubuntu standard tsclient has been removed. AFAIU because it’s not developed anymore and won’t get an upgrade to GTK3. Well, those reasons are all right, but the GNOME client can’t do shit, it’s utterly useless in my eyes. After a search on google I finally found the replacement for it: Remmina. Does what I need it to do, looks good and is included in Ubuntu. I just don’t understand why it isn’t automatically installed, like tsclient was before. If Ubuntu sees the need to remove a software, I think it would be good for users if they would replace it with something new, especially since it already exists in Ubuntu. They saw the need for a good RDP client in Ubuntu before, why not now?

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1 Antwort auf „tsclient no more in Ubuntu Oneiric 11.10“

rdesktop seems to be accessible from a terminal : to access a VBox virtual Windows 7 pc launched headless locally using RDPv5, I use

$ rdesktop -5

There is Remotedesktop Client that vaguely resembles the tsclient but where e.g. one cannot select the protocol and which I can’t get to work.

PS. I just upgraded from Ubuntu Natty where I continued to use the Gnome Desktop to Oneric (where I don’t get the choice) : so far I DON’T like what I get ! I find Unity uterly confusing ! The top menu causes a lot of mouse traveling on a larger screen ! Somehow Ubuntu developpers missed that the UI goes in two opposite directions : larger and more screens for desktop PCs and miniatur screens for handheld devices.

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