A lot of new features in v1.1 of the Reaction Buttons!

After a long quiet time around the WordPress plugin Reaction Buttons, I took some time today to integrate changes I got from another user and check up on feature requests that I got over the past month. The result is version 1.1 with a lot of new features:

  • added reaction_buttons_click_count($post_id) to include number of reactions per post in own themes. Returns the accumulated number of clicks of the specified post.
  • added the possibility to only allow only one vote per post. (Thanks Vlad for most of the code!)
  • added the option to show a javascript popup if you try to vote twice. (Thanks Vlad for the idea and most of the code!)
  • added the option to show the results only after the user voted.

It might be neccessary to modify your CSS if you don’t use the integrated stylesheet. Hope you like the new features and update without problems. As always, I’m happy about good ratings on wordpress.org! 🙂

Download: Reaction Buttons

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