VDR hack: Stream video with synced audio

VDR streams very well with the streamdev-plugin, but only unicast http streams. That is usually no problem, because even 3 streams aren’t nearly too much for a normal 100Mbit home network and I wouldn’t need any more at home. But with the world cup starting tomorrow me and Karin are going to watch some games that aren’t that interesting to us at the computer while doing other stuff. We did this before, but the downside is that we never got the http stream really synchronized and nothing is more annoying than the same audio stream with a one second delay in one room. (Our solution was to mute one stream, but thats not a real solution because one of us always has to have a asynchronous audio to the video signal.)

My hack I will be using for the world cup the next four weeks is the following: I described how to stream the world cup at your office for all your colleagues a few days ago. I will do that at home too, and then just play that stream, in which the video and the audio are really in sync, at least for my ear. I have to play the stream, because the VDR still has control over the DVB devices and VLC couldn’t open them. And the VLC on my VDR is quite ancient, since I’m using an older version of c’t-vdr.

So, on one computer I start VLC with the following options (all in one line):

cvlc  http://vdr:3000/S19.2E-1-1101-28106  ":sout=#rtp{dst=,port=5004,mux=ts}"

You can get the URL for each channel from your vdr at http://vdr:3000/channels.html.

And on all the computers that are supposed to view the stream, VLC has to be started with the following command:

vlc rtp://@

Sure there is now a slightly higher delay (two streams), but I don’t mind those three seconds when we can watch the games with synced audio. You can get a bit more information about streaming in my world cup streaming post and a lot more in the VLC streaming documentation.

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