Just read: Wil Wheatons «Just a geek»

Wil Wheaton: Just a geekLast weekend I finished Just a geek by Wil Wheaton. As a Star Trek fan I always enjoy reading literature about the backgrounds and the people behind Star Trek, but this book wasn’t just interesting, I found it also quite educational about life, the universe and everything. Wil wrote a very open book about his life journey after leaving Star Trek – The Next Generation (TNG) and his search for happiness. It seems he didn’t skip the bad parts and decisions he made, but on the other hand is quite entertaining about it.

What I for example didn’t knew before, is that he left Star Trek on his own to pursue his movie career. Since there was a big Anti Wesley Crusher Campaign during TNG, I always assumed that he was written out of the show. I have to admit, I wasn’t a Wesley fan either and wasn’t that unhappy that he left the show, even though I never would have written him a fan hate letter or something like that. But I never really thought about the fact, that it wasn’t his fault: A 16 year old boy has not that much influence with writers/directors/whatever, he had to do what the script told him.

If you are interested in a bit Star Trek history from a unique point of view or perhaps follow Wils blog, this book is surely a good read, I enjoyed it very much.

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