Just read: Wil Wheatons «Dancing Barefoot»

After having read Wil Wheatons «Just a geek» (about which I wrote a week ago), I thought I’ll also read Wils first book «Dancing Barefoot». If you liked Just a geek, I bet you won’t be disappointed by its predecessor. But to be honest I liked Just a geek more, it felt more personal and told Wils story. Also there are a few (two?) stories told in both books. But I found especially the story about „WILLIAM FUCKING SHATNER“ interesting, because I couldn’t understand in Just a geek why Wil is calling him that. Dancing Barefoot tells the associated story.

Oh and from a geeks point of view I found the license quite curious: Creative Commons – Deed Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works Kudos to that! 🙂

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