Asus M4N78-VM and wakeup under linux

I guess if I wait until I’ve completed something, I’ll never blog about stuff like this. So I’ll try to have this here in smaller bites:

My new mainboard for the vdr (Asus M4N78-VM) runs great so far with linux, especially at the moment yavdr: HDTV on the DVI worked out of the box. And my biggest fear that I’ll get problems with the wakeup are completely wiped out: The board woke up after setting a time with acpi-wakeup. (Well, it didn’t boot up, because there are some problems with the standby mode, but I don’t need that too bad.)

Only real bummer: The board doesn’t fit in my gorgeous Silverstone LaScala SST – LC 11M. Don’t know what to do yet, the case is really nice, but quite small. I would like to buy something where I can fit pci cards without a riser card, but that on the other hand doesn’t fit in my living room anymore.

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