Can’t download files from Dokuwiki

Recently I found out, that the user documentation videos my colleague made, weren’t shown anymore in our dokuwiki installation and I couldn’t find out why. Everything worked well, pages were shown, but only downloadable media wasn’t. I added a .htaccess for a different project a while ago and allowed them in the apache configuration. But even though I deactivated the new .htaccess file again to test if some of my settings messed with dokuwiki, I still got the following error:

[Tue Mar 02 12:34:14 2010] [error] [client 134.x.y.z] client denied by server configuration: /opt/wiki/data/media/win/printersetup.ogv

What I didn’t knew was, that dokuwiki has some restrictive .htaccess files for file downloads. Just modify them or deactivate .htaccess overrides for dokuwiki again, like I did.

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3 Antworten auf „Can’t download files from Dokuwiki“

Awesome… Are that still my old videos or did you produce remakes? Imho remakes always suck if they don’t contain a bunch of special effects or at least blood… 🙂

No, we didnt touch your videos. But Stefan is doing new ones, real video with him speaking and visible in the lower right corner. 🙂

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