Reaction Buttons on the wordpress plugin site

My Reaction Buttons plugin got accepted on the wordpress plugin site. Yeah! I guess thats not too hard, but I’m happy about it anyways. 🙂 Now you can install Reaction Buttons right out of your wordpress blog, without the hassle of downloading and uploading it to your blog.

Next hing to do is make some colors configurable through the admin menu. Or is CSS enough? Not sure yet. 🙂

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WordPress Plugin: Reaction Buttons

I finally found time last weekend to try to build my first wordpress plugin. I stumbled across a Blog at bloggers with an interesting little feature: There were a couple of buttons below the post to express your reactions to the post, like „interesting“ or „cool“. Since I always like to interact with my readers, especially on my blogs which cover a certain topic, it’s always nice to find ways to make it easier for your readers.

But I couldn’t find a plugin which does that on wordpress and well, long story short, here it is: Reaction Buttons. You can check it out on this very blog and on the screenshot of a clean german wordpress installation below.

Reaction Buttons Screenshot

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