Problems with VDR

Today I re-tagged some of my posts again, because thats the only information the s9y to wordpress script didn’t got. While doing that, I relived some of my pain with the purchase of my vdr. But now I’m home and started chalooby, my vdr in the living room, to see an episode of Sons of Anarchy and realized: My vdr runs pretty damn good. It may not be as flashy and nice as some of the modern HTPC systems, but the feature list (old german post) is still impressive, especially the fact that I can use the tv signal over the network on my second vdr and any other computer in the network. (Working on TV on my android phone though ;-)) And in addition to that, I really hated the company that sold me the hard (and at the time software) for the vdr. But even though they made some pretty bad decisions, the hardware is quite good supported after all. Today and yesterday I worked on a vdr I set up with my colleague for him and we had soo many problems with it over the last two years. First the output to the TV (we tried through the graphic card, a dxr3 and it finally worked after buying a technotrend card), then the display, the remotes  and the biggest problem was the automatic power on with an external self made device. He had some problems lately with the vdr and we upgraded the system yesterday. After I got the remote running again, now the automatic power on doesn’t work.

What I’m trying to say is: Yeah my vdr, yeah chalooby, yeah yeti!

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